V/A – Dark Connections

For all that are not yet familiar with the German label Kommando 6 and their dark electro sounds this album is a welcome introduction.

The A-Side is called the Augsburg Side. Augsburg is the hometown of the label. On the A-Side there are six artists featured that are on the Kommando 6 label. TelRoc for example gives the listener a very danceable electro track with ‘Love Cage’ and Beta Evers displays her skills with a nice slow song called ‘Aus der Tiefe’. Even darker than that is Slick Rogers with ‘Thrill Me’ and Black Spider Gang with ‘Keiner kommt hier lebend raus’. Especially this last track is one of the highlights in the Kommando 6 repertoire up till now. It is a dark and catchy dance track.

On the B-Side, the Beyond Side are tracks from acts that are befriended with the label and have more or less a similar sound. There are only four artists featured, but together these are the European electro top. Luke Eargoggle from Sweden, normally on the Stilleben label, has collaborated with the harsh track ‘Protecting the Krown’. From France there is of course Le Syndicat Electronique from Invasion Planete Phonogrammes. ‘Derrière Le Masque’ is not the best track that this act has ever written but it is representative for its dark and minimal style.

Orgue Electronique and Legowelt, from The Netherlands, have become some sort of ambassadors for Bunker Records. Both contributed a song for this compilation. Especially ‘Act of Judgement’ from Legowelt is a good track. It is a nice hypnotizing electro song, with the typical disco undertones.

Dark Connections is a good compilation. The best introduction to the Kommando 6 label there is actually.

artist: V/A
label: Kommando 6
details: 10 tracks, lim. 500 copies. [K6-VI]