V/A – Defend the Palace

A few years ago the Italian label Palace of Worms released the compilation “Storm the palace’, with 18 bands paying homage to medieval times. Quite a decent compilation, though not with many tracks that are still memorable. Now there is a sequel, “Defend the palace”. Agaian this compilation brings together some of the finest names in the neofolk/classical/medieval scene. No less that 22 acts are present, most of them with unreleased material.

“Storm the palace” was divided into three segments, this new compilation continues the story with two parts: ‘Act IV: The unexpected arrival’ and ‘Act V: The palace’s revenge’. The medieval theme makes sure that there is a nice atmopshere throughout this album. Again it has become a solid sampler, with some interesting tracks, and a few promising acts that were new to me. The songs I like most from ‘Act IV’ are by Unto Ashes, Belborn, Sieben, Hexentanz, Dawn of Reflection and O Quam Tristis. Gae Bolg, Sophia, Mysterian, Von Thronstahl, Summer Ends and Pimentola are some of my favourite tracks of ‘Act V’.

artist: V/A
label: Palace of Worms
details: 22 tracks