V/A – Delta Masters

Do you think that humour belongs in music? Do you have an eclectic taste and are you no stranger to classic blues? Then you could try the compilation ‘Delta Masters’, issued by the Texan Dogfingers label. 17 obscure acts, from the Heroine Sheiks to the Crack Pipes and from Boxcar Satan to the Memphis Playboys re- and deconstruct classic blues songs, from the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson. With quite entertaining results.

Most acts stay close to the original blues sound, but with a little more beer and randiness added, often with a lofi – garage sound. My favourites are perhaps the moody, female-fronted ‘Ain’t no Tellin” by The Starkweathers, the rather experimental soundscape ‘Goin down’ to Eli’s’ by Pseudo Buddha and the raw rockin’ Dead Moon-like ‘Dimples’ by Viva Maxitone. For connoisseurs…

artist: V/A
label: Dogfingers Recordings