V/A – Don’t touch my car!!

Mile 329 is a label from Arizona which I only recently got to know, but they already have more than a dozen interesting releases. Mostly in the field of industrial noise, dark ambient and experimental electronics. This compilation is their first proper cd release though.

The nice looking cd features some well-known industrial acts (Tarmvred, Dissecting Table) as well as more unknown projects. Most are of American origin, with a handful guests from Europe and Japan. In general this is a recommended album to check out if you’re interested in challenging electronic and industrial music. Most pieces are more experimental than danceable.

My favourite contributions are probably those by Idyl (nice mixture of rhythmic industrial and atmospheric moods), Sedaye Marg (a dark and dense structure), Skincage (a bleak and threatening soundscape), Tarmvred (adventurous electro-industrial), Dissecting Table (loud and noisy), Stelladrine (ominous and hypnotic) and Neutralizing Force (computergame industrial). An interesting sampler from a label to follow.

artist: V/A
label: Mile 329 Org
details: [mile 329.13]