V/A – Eisiges Licht

A promotional compilation of the Eis & Licht label. It contains a representative collection of some of the best tracks of the artists on their roster. You get it for free if you order a release through Eis & Licht, or you can order it for just 3 Euro. Eis & Licht is one of the leading names in the folk noir field, and this sampler shows why, with nothing but convincing compositions.

The subtitle of the cd is apocalyptic folk & pop, and indeed it seems that neofolk is getting more poppy and catchy lately, with the recent releases of acts like Ostara and Leger des Heils. Personally I don’t dislike this development, I can appreciate some good earwurm melodies. On this cd you will find a few songs which have not been released on cd format before, from Darkwood (a new version of ‘Der Falken Flug’, from the Weltenwende 10″), Camerata Mediolanense (a longer electronic version of their ‘hit ‘L’homme armé, which can be found on the L’Alfière 10″) and Leger des Heils, the only act to be present with two tracks, Also interesting is the excellent track ‘Horizon’ by Lux Interna, from a forthcoming album.

A worthy overview of the label, with many excellent songs.

artist: V/A
label: Eis & Licht
details: 11 tracks. Eis032 (2003)