V/A – Electric Nights vol. 1 and 2

These two records pay tribute to the dancenights called Elektrik Nacht that were organized in the past by the Augsburg’s inner circle of electronic producers, who are now also mostly associated with the Kommando 6 label. Both 12”es show the darker side of elektro/electronic music. Volume 1 consists of tracks by producers from Augsburg and Volume 2 is a made up out of tracks by musicians from all over the world.

The first record opens with a track by Flying Bodies, a project by Charly Kent and Beta Evers. ‘Electrified will make some hearts go wild. It is an old style EBM track (which means a nice slow tempo, pounding beats and a dark atmosphere) fueled with elektro. It brings back memories of SA42 and early Leatherstrip.

Also on this first volume are great tracks by Slick Rogers and Tecroc. Slick Rogers has contributed a noisy and dark elektro song. Tecroc has a more clean style. ‘Boogie Machine’ has nice wavy synth lines and a classic elektro feeling.

Volume 2 features some more abstract sounds. Both Manasyt and Alex Nôrinh succeeded in creating intense and rather dark sound structures. These tracks could well be used as a score for a dark sci-fi film.

Also the more dancefloor minded people will be pleased with Volume 2. Weltwirtschaft treats the dancefloor with pounding beats and the Polygamy Boys track ‘Tora Bora’ evolves into a beatdriven dark dance tune.

Electric Nights show what the Kommando 6 sound is all about. So, if you like your electronic music dark and varied you will feel at home with these releases and this label. These are simply two more quality releases in the K6 series.

artist: V/A
label: Kommando 6
details: 12”, 5 tracks [K6-XVII] / 12”, 6 tracks [K6-XVIII]