V/A – Electronic Renaissance

The fourth release of Enfant Terrible is a compilation LP called “Electronic Renaissance”. The nicely designed booklet presents the record as an art exhibition, where you can discover 12 contemporary artists from various countries in the ‘Salon des indépendants’. All music on the LP is influenced by 80’s new wave, but should not be regarded as mere analogue retro sounds. The introductory text proclaims that all artists involved are ‘very much in the now’.

Once you’ve grasped the theory, it’s time to enjoy to the music. And that’s certainly no punishment, because there are many catchy minimal elektro tunes on this record. Some acts on “Electronic Renaissance” are known for releases on cult labels like Invasion Planète or Kommando 6, others are completely new for me. Despite the underground status of most artists, many songs are surprisingly melodic and accessible, though usually with a raw touch.

The record directly starts with a highlight: ‘L’ingénue’ by Porn.Darsteller. His song has an addictive melody and nice robotic vocals. Personal favourites on the first side are the wavy piece by Jeunesse Fantôme, the classic German body music-like ‘Zeitgeist Overkill’ by Solitairen Effekten and the short but melancholic track by After the Snow, while Wermut and Echo West contribute solid material.

The B-side is started not very accessible yet interesting by Konform, after which The Soft Rider takes you back to sweaty elektro dancefloors. A more subtle poppy song is offered by It & My Computer feat. Rollinka, while La Comtesse Morte takes things slow and dark. ‘Far behind’ by Black Spider Clan is a bit conventional but excellent ‘electro noir’ and my favourite of the B-Side. The only Dutch act, Kompleta, has the honour to finish the record, with a minimal distorted piece which makes me curious for more of his work.

“Electronic Renaissance” is certainly an excellent compilation full of nostalgic contemporary electronic music. Especially side A has been spinnning a lot on my turntable.

label: Enfant Terrible
details: vinyl lp, 12 tracks, 2006 [enfant 04]