V/A – Evolved as One

This first release of the new dutch label Evolved as one is a compilation disc featuring a few of best ambient drone artists. Artists featured on the cd are Troum, Moljebka Pvlse, Srmeixner, Dual, Ultrasound, Cats of Tel Aviv and Ure Thrall.

All tracks are minimal, but with very deep drones, giving the listener space to dream away on the music. All artists on the cd deliver tracks you would expect from them (with two exceptions, more on that a bit later).

Dual delivers minimal drones with electronic sounds, Moljebka Pvlse gives you deep meandering layers, Ultrasound creates their highly dreamy track with guitars reverbed to enternity, as does Cats of Tel Aviv. But Cats of Tel Aviv has a cleaner, darker sound. The Ure Thrall tracks are beautiful deep dark ambient tracks. Maybe not as minimal as most of the other tracks on the CD, but more direct and melancholic.

Brace yourself when you get to the Srmeixner track. Starting out with layers of voices, that slowly turn into beautiful textured sounds that sound like treated clarinets. The harmonics used in the track are stunning, reminding of the opening track of Halbschlaf on the Kalt cd (on Polymorph Records).
The closing cd of this compilation is a track by Troum. You are treated to accordeon sounds with layers of voices and reverbed guitars. Again the beautiful texture of the instruments stand out, adding a lot of depths to the sound of Troum.

This compilation is a must have for fans of any of the bands featured, and anyone else interested in ambient drones. If this compilation sets the standard for future releases on Evolved as one, then I foresee a great future for Evolved as one.
You can buy this cd for 12 euro through FUNPROX SALES!

artist: V/A
label: Evolved as One
details: 9 tracks [evol01]