V/A – Fields of Fire

Wow, I’m totally flabbergasted (always wanted to use that word) by the first track. Judging by the tracklist of this compilation, I expected mainly industrial/electronic mayhem. But ‘Stonehenge’ by Metamorphose is a fabulous dark ambient piece with a sacred atmosphere, which can compete with the best work of Raison d’Etre. I wonder if the for me unknown Metamorphose has made more material in this vein.

“Fields of Fire” was the first release for Miisc, an electronic label with only vinyl releases. They have selected an interesting line-up for this compilation, consisting of relatively renowned (Tarmvred, Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Cordell Klier) and obscure artists. The music is also pretty varied, ranging from hectic breakcore to minimal abstract electronics, but in general this is a high quality record.

Apart from the aforementioned Metamorphose, I like the contribution by Tarmvred a lot. I think that this is one of the best and most original industrial acts around. This time their track starts with arther complex beats, before turning into a rather danceable entertaining elektro piece. I also quite enjoy the intelligent abstract dance music of Ativ, who also releases work on Hands Productions. A further highlight is the dark soundscape of 011001, quite cinematic and full of tension, with some deep d ‘n b beats at the end. Also nice are the fast breakbeats of Cerebral, coupled with the rather trancelike female vocals.

All in all an interesting and varied record, with enough enjoyable moments to be worth purchasing it. A good start for this label!

artist: V/A
label: Miisc
details: 10 tracks [miisc001] lim. 471 copies