V/A – Five years anniversary: volume 2

Shortly after volume one there is now volume two in the anniversary series of Berlin based record store and label Das Drehmoment. If you are into contemporary dancefloor friendly electro this is a very nice record for you. But, if you are looking for more authentic new wave and industrial influenced elektro there is not much here to find.

Sneak Thief flirts with classic black electro, Makina Girgir with Italo disco and Divider and Legopop with contemporary synthpop. Darker and colder are the contributions of Aurica and Silent Signals. These tracks make the record worthwhile for the minimal electro fans.

In general I must say that volume 2 is better then volume 1. The record sounds more cohesive and the outstanding track by Silent Signals is a must have.

label: Das Drehmoment
details: lp, 01 tracks [dd006]