V/A – Flammenzauber

‘Tonwerk zum festival’
In March 2003 the third Flammenzauber festival took place at the Wasserburg Heldrungen. Visitors of this event received a special festival compilation, with exclusive tracks by the performing artists and some extra’s. Unfortunately I didn’t attend Flammenzauber, but I obtained a copy of the festival cd almost a year later. And it’s not just a nice souvenir for the people who went to Heldrungen, because it contains some fine neofolk and bombastic tracks.

Gegentum, a project related to Lichttaufe, has contributed a very nice folky track in the best Forseti-tradition, with nice male and female vocals. ‘Winterwald’ is very short and tastes like more, I hope we will hear more of this act. Forseti is present with two live tracks which sound very good and atmospheric, with nice cello and accordeon. There are also two live tracks of Neun Welten, a promising young band, with rather simple but pleasant instrumental folky songs.

Another great track is ‘Steh auf, Nordwind!’ by Werkraum, from the forthcoming album on Cold Spring. Excellent material in the direction of Blood Axis, Belborn and Waldteufel. I also liked their contribution to the ‘Wir rufen deine Wölfe’ compilation a lot, so I expect that we can enjoy more of Werkraum in the future. Furthermore there are various more bombastic, orchestral tracks on the Flammenzauber cd, by Seraphim, A Challenge of Honour, Seven Pines and Gae Bolg and the Temple of Doom (!), most of which are quite good or entertaining. In other words, a solid compilation with various enjoyable moments.

This cd was a collaboration between Lichttaufe, :agalasta:, Bucranion and Eternal Soul.

artist: V/A
label: Lichttaufe