V/A – Flowers Made Of Snow

Cold Meat Industry shouldn’t need any introduction. They are one of the best known labels for post-industrial music, serving music varied from ethereal soundscapes to harsh noises.

Seven years ago a double cd compilation was released by the label called The Absolute Supper which became a huge success. With this new double cd compilation the label treats the fans and tries to reach new audiences.

Cd 1 presents mostly the more tranquil and moody side of the label’s artists roster. Bands like Coph Nia, In Slaughtered Natives and Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio have contributed a track to this compilation. Very nice is the track by Olen’k, a new band on CMI. It is an ethereal piece with a folky edge.

Cd 2 is louder and harsher. This sound is represented by acts like Brighter Death Now, IRM and Deutsch Nepal. There are also some softer and more atmospheric pieces on the second cd. Raison D’etre, Sephiroth and Atrium Carceri show their skills in producing scray but impressive moods with their music.

Flowers Made Of Snow is definately a statement by CMI. This is their distinctive sound in all its flavors. Most of the material on this album is previously unreleased. Thus a great compilation by one of Europe’s leading underground labels.

artist: V/A
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 2cd, 23 tracks [CMI130]