V/A – Full/Void

The Antifrost label from Greece seems to be one of the most active upcoming labels in the field of ambient/concrete/noise music. Their releases include known and unknown artists from the field of experimental sound recording and composition. This double CD compilation presents a lot of known and unknown artists who work in the same field (although their methods vary immensely).

Since this release is called Void/Full, I kind of expected the music on the disks to represent the concept of ?void? and ?full? in a clear way by being close to silence or close to noise (or otherwise massive sounds). Although many of the artists presented usually create either almost silent tracks or completely noisy tracks, this conceptual distinction is not very clear from the music on this 2CD.

That does not mean the release disappointed me, however. In fact this is one of the best compilations of ambient noise I have ever encountered. The tracks vary in style and in intensity, but are all of a high level and they fit together on these disks perfectly. This release gives an excellent overview of what music the Antifrost label is dealing with.

Artists include Roel Meelkop, Marc Behrens, Francisco Lopez, Joe Colley, Daniel Menche, Eric la Casa, as well as a lot of less known ones.

artist: V/A
label: Antifrost