V/A – Heilige Feuer

Out of Russia comes this nice looking compilation. It was released as a remembrance to the first ever industrial festival in Russia, that took place in St. Petersburg. Five bands performed there, each of them is present on this cd with two exclusive studio tracks. The cd is packaged in a high quality, large format digipack, with a booklet in which each band fills a page.

The first band on the cd is Sal Solaris, a Russian dark ambient project. Two slow, dark atmospheric pieces, not very special, but not bad either. After that comes Deutsch Nepal, whose first track, ‘Chatrine I’, is a great ritual piece, one of the highlights of this sampler. The other track, ‘Drugmother, starts with some brutal vocal samples, after which a slow ritual piece develops, not unlike The Moon Lay Hidden… Third band on the menu is Der Blutharsch, first with a wild and fast polka, after which we can rest a little with a slow atmospheric track.
Genocide Organ starts with a strange soundscape full of sampled vocals, but then it is over with the relaxing, because we are treated to some extremely brutal industrial with the track ‘Commandos’. The last two songs on this compilation are by Reutoff, another Russian dark ambient project. They bring us two rather harsh soundscapes, with dense layers of sound and low frequencies. I like these contributions by Reutoff, just as I appreciated their single on WKN, a promising project!

artist: V/A
label: Der Angriff/Indiestate
details: 10 tracks, 54 minutes