V/A – Ik Was

Ik Was is a tribute to the elektro band Ich Bin (release: We came to reign, earlier on Pneu). Eight totally different artists contributed a track to his cd.

The opening tracks is a crazy lo-fi electronic pop track by Kania Tieffer. Despite its broken structure, the track is very addictive. It is also one of the best tracks on this compilation. Darker and harsher is RHIN. Their track sounds more like the Ich Bin sound. It is a good pounding track for the dancefloor without being a slick dance tune.
Less serious is the contribution of Volapük. The sound of Lalala spring to mind when listening to this track, as well as that of a traditional chanson. Another highlight.

Pneu delivers a nice and at times strange new release. The professional cd-r looks and sounds great. Even better than most “real” cd’s that are released today. One to keep an eye for out.

label: Pneu
details: cd-r, 8 tracks [PNEU10]