V/A – Knights of the Abyss

This legendary sampler already dates from 1995 but for some reason never made it to my collection. Only recently I obtained this compilation, I think this is a re-release, by the small label Abyss Records. Eleven bands are gathered here, with ‘war’ as the unifying theme on this album, if I’m not mistaken. The compilation starts with a French minimal neo-classical track by N.L.C. Further on the album a similar project is also present: Leitmotiv. The Japanese avantgarde Jack or Jive can’t really fessel me. The two best tracks on this compilation follow: The Moon Lay Hidden, with one of their most powerful tracks, of course untitled. The French darkwave group Collection d’Arnell Andrea are also present with a great song, which keeps going round and around, like a merry-go-round at a fair.

The Hybryds from Belgium give us some dark ritual music, Kirlian Camera takes part with a monotonous electronic track from their ‘Solaris’ album. Allerseelen contributes a noisy industrial piece which even incoporates some loud crossover guitars. Ah Cama Sotz has done much better stuff than this boring electro piece. The song from Oral Constitution not only has a stupid title but the music also isn’t very listenable. The live track from Autopsia is a little better, bombastic but solemn neo-classical.

artist: V/A
label: Abyss Records
details: 11 tracks