V/A – Kosmoloko

Galakthorrö is celebrating its tenth birthday. This compilation album is a present for the fans of the label. On the record are five musicians/groups with each two new songs.

Haus Arafna opens Kosmoloko with a track (‘Hymn to despair’) which is harsh and loud as their earlier work. The other track, ‘After all these years’ is typical for their newer work, more tranquil with minimal and pulsating sounds and intense vocals.

Subliminal is extremely loud on their two tracks. Karl Runau is a lot easier to listen to. His dark sound structures are both interesting and nice listening material. Fans of minimal noise will be pleased with the Maska Genetik contributions, which are loud, distorted and intense.

The more atmospheric orientated Haus Arafna side-project November Növelet has created two beautiful tracks for this record. Tranquil and moody sounds and clicks form the basis of new wave like sounding minimal electronics.

Galakthorrö is celebrating and the fans are in for a treat with this excellent compilation album. If you want to get your hands on the limited edition vinyl version you have to be quick, as it is wanted (and beautiful).

artist: V/A
label: Galakthorrö
details: lp/cd, 10 tracks [Galakthorroe 016]