V/A – L’Ame Electrique presents: Hau Ruck!/WKN

At the excellent Discomania store in Brussels I recently obtained the newest edition (November 2001) of L’Ame Electrique, an excellent Greek magazine. Although I suspect the magazine was named after an album by Die Form, the main musical focus is on neofolk and industrial music. The magazine is looking great and contains various interesting interviews, with acts like Tribe of Circle, Matt Howden, Waldteufel, Gae Bolg, Les Joyaux, Of the wand and the Moon and many more… besides that there is a large review section and in the middle we find a poster from Der Blutharsch.

But not only the magazine is of high quality, so is the compilation cd that comes along with it. It is entitled L’Ame Electrique presents Hau Ruck!/WkN, and is therefore filled with bands that are in the circle of Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch). What makes it interesting is that most tracks are exclusive to this compilation! The cd comes with a nice booklet in which each band fills one page.

The cd contains a few strange short intermezzos simply called HauRuck!, in between a variety of musical styles can be found, from the strange muzak of Novy Svet to the folk of Changes or the dark ambient of Reutoff, but nevertheless the compilation has a sense of coherence. Various highlights are present here, especially Dernière Volonté, majestic symphonic industrial, and that other French project, Tribe of Circle, also with a powerful new orchestral song. A varied and very good compilation!

artist: V/A
label: L Ame Electrique
details: magazine + cd