V/A – Le Monde Cruel De Katja (O.S.T.)

The French label Invasion Planete is, as their name already makes clear, inspired by B-horror / sci-fi movies and comics. This soundtrack for a not existing movie is the first time they created something in that tradition themselves, on the new sublabel Grahn Geen-yol’Records.

On the three 7”s you can find the music for the three parts of the story about Katja. In a small comic book, that is part of the release, the story is told in imagination.

The first part of the story Katja finds herself in a castle where she must undergo weird and pseudo scientific experiments. After that she arrives at an island where there are still some Nazi’s alive. When she has survived their handling, she is captured by some cannibals in a jungle. In short, a typical scenario for a pulp horror or sick porn movie. And thus, perfect material for a vague electronic soundtrack.

The music is composed by Porn.Darsteller, De Fontanel and It & My Computer. All three have made a fitting contribution to the release. It are mainly short pieces of music, and of course in the Invasion Planete style; often dark and minimal and sometimes playful elektro.

Very impressive is the packaging. This release comes in a gatefold sleeve for the three 7”s and the comic book. Pure cult! Pure pulp of the highest quality!

artist: V/A
label: Grahn Geen-yol’Records
details: 3 x 7" box