V/A – Lichttaufe 2

Part 2 of a neo-folk compilation, tied to the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. The sampler is released by Prophecy, of which label a few bands are present, together with some big names from the neo-folk scene that played in Leipzig. Part 1 was of a very high quality, good bands, fine songs, of which a few unreleased. This successor follows the same recipe, although I have the feeling there are less highlights this time.
Opener Leakh is a bit too dramatic and theatrical for me, but Sorrow convinces with a nice intimate song. Coil does its own thing, strange electronic sounds with whispered vocals, interesting but not for 9,5 minutes. The Hungarian band Scivias contributes a nice acoustic track, that was not present on their excellent album. Camerata offers the Marlene Dietrich song Lili Marleen, that convinces me more on stage. Backworld is present with one of the better tracks from their last album, and perhaps the biggest surrpise for me is In My Rosary. I haven’t heard new material from this underrated band for some time, but this new piece is very nice, folky wave. Of the Wand & the Moon is included with an alternate version of the tranquil song My devotion will never fade. Next is Northgate, a Camerata side-project, with the focus on percussion and electronics. This track is a bit boring, but i haven’t heard the Northgate album yet. Final act on this sampler is Tenhi from Finland, with the best songs I’ve heard from them yet. All in all this is a sampler with various nice tracks but not too many surprises. It’s a reasonable introduction though if you don’t own too much music in the neo-folk genre.

artist: V/A
label: Prophecy Productions
details: 10 tracks