V/A – Life 85: International compilation

Life 85 is a compilation that features minimal and experimental electronic music from the 80`s. On this record you will find a diversity of musicians like Stratis, Weathermen, Gerechtigkeitsliga and Tara Cross. Very nice is the wavish minimal track `Who’s really listening` by Mark Lane.

Also some Dutch acts are present. Holst & Wouter is a composer duo of which Hero Wouters also worked with Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots). Ende Shneafliet is also from The Netherlands and has already released a few tracks on Genetic and there are concrete plans to release some music by this minimal / experimental act on Enfant Terrible very soon.

`Der Gute Kamerad` by Nagamatzu is the track I like best from this compilation. It is like a darker and more truly minimal (and German) version of Anne Clark. Life 85 is a diverse and nice compilation with material that will certainly be of interest to lovers of obscure 80’s electronic music.

artist: V/A
label: Temporary Music
details: cd-r, 16 tracks [TM003]