V/A – Lux Nigra Allstars

For some reason the Lux Nigra label decided they needed to do a compilation of tracks that were mostly published on their own label already. This could of course have been a very nice ?best of? album, with only the highlights of the label?s achievements.

The CD does contain a lot of these highlights, like nice tracks by Arovane, Zorn, Biochip C and Artificial Duck Flavour. But for some reason there had to be included some tracks that are simply quite annoying. The tracks that really ruin the nice atmosphere are by a project called ?Lords of Gabber?, which delivers a track that quite lives up to its projects name, by Blackjewishgays, and by Society Suckers. I don?t understand why these thrashy and noisy tracks had to be included on a disk wich otherwise contains some very nice music.

This CD could have contained some very nice new tracks by artists that make beautiful music. Instead it only offers nice tracks that have been released already with some annoying extra tracks. This is very disappointing.

artist: V/A
label: Lux Nigra