V/A – Maschinenfest

Since some years the Maschinenfest festival takes place in Germany. This festival is dedicated to electronic industrial and noise music. The label Pflichtkauf releases compilation cd’s with the acts on it that perform at the festival.

This double cd of the 2003 edition, which took place at the beginning of October, is filled with electronic noise of high quality. The listener is plunged into technoid noise rhythms from CellAutoMata, dark electronic terror music from Panacea, industrial techno from Converter, hyperactive rhythmic noise from Mono No Aware and many more noises.

For the visitors of the 2003 edition this is a nice souvenir, for people who weren’t able to go this an excellent cd to get in the mood for next year.

artist: V/A
label: Pflichtkauf
details: 2 x cd (pflicht 017)