V/A – Melodies & Structures Vol.2

The second compilation by 4MG Records from Canada, again devoted to a wide variety of electronic music. The album contains a mixture of melodic and poppy music on the one hand and experimental, atmospheric tracks on the other. Most noteworthy is without a doubt the presence of two classic electro acts, Click Click and The Weathermen.

The previous cd already contained two tracks of PaPERHOUsE, a project of Adrian Smith from Click Click!. This time Click Click itself is present with a rare old track called ‘Hands fall backwards’, apparently recorded back in 1984. This song has a raw oldschool charm and a very claustrophobic feel. Other veterans present are The Weathermen, best known for their cult hit ‘Poison’. They recently returned after a 12 year-break with the album ‘Deeper with the Weathermen”. ‘Daytime TV’ is an uptempo danceable piece, which is instrumental except for the returning Bush sample ‘This is a nation watching too much daytime TV’. It reminds me somewhat of Sheep on Drugs. It’s a nice song, though it could be better with more melodic variation.

Furthermore the compilations contains 15 other, lesser known acts. Some tracks are really too poppy or dance-like for my taste, like Promilla or Tristraum. There are some nice slower, atmospheric pieces, like the contributions by Atomzero and The Stereo Effect project (very Kraftwerk-like). Furthermore there is an entertaining happy synthpop tune by Northern Electric, somewhere between Rational Youth and S.P.O.C.K. Imiafan, the project of label founder Imrich Vegh, is present with a nice oldschool minimal electro piece, reminding me of the likes of El Aviador Dro. This compilation is a good way to get to know some new names, though I liked the first edition somewhat better.

artist: V/A
label: 4mg Records
details: 17 tracks, 2004 [4MGCD02]