V/A – Monstrueux & Magnifiques

This is part seventeen in the continuing battle of the French label Invasion Planete for the endurance of the European (minimal) elektro tradition. On this new compilation album are both obscure 80’s projects and new discoveries to be found. What all these projects have in common is their authentic sound and their attitude. They are all part of the Third Wave conspiracy, as the label calls it.

From the old days come In Aeternam Vale (I.A.V.) and Anti Trust, both with great contributions. A new discovery is Krom-Y. With ‘Garçon dans le brouillard’ this project has produced a dark (both danceable) listening experience and the best track of this record. Only this song makes it already worth buying this record.

Next to that Silent Signals has made an excellent contribution to the record, just as good as their earlier single on the label. Of course Le Syndicat Electronique has produced another great track, although this is one of the most minimal pieces I ever heard from the project.

Again this is a fine record from one of the few truly independent labels. It almost comes down to that you only need to follow Invasion Planete if you want to know how good elektro music sounds nowadays (and in the past).

artist: V/A
label: Invasion Planète
details: 10 tracks [IP017]