V/A – Neo.pop.03

This is the third compilation cd in the Neo.pop series from the German 1st Decade label. Neo.pop is their way of defining contemporary electronic dance music with a poppy character. Electroclash is probably the best known genre that is part of the Neo.pop sound. The label is committed to promoting this music.

Neo.pop.03 opens with a Soulwax remix of the Ladytron track ‘Seventeen’. At first it is a bit strange to hear guitars in this song but actually it gives the track a more dynamic feeling. Next to that there are some already released tracks on this disc, like to disco minded ‘Take me, Love me, Hate me’ by Monosurround and the excellent ‘Reach the Sun’ by Northern Lite.

The previously unreleased ‘Dreaming Being Drunk’ by Caligola is the highlight of the cd. It brings together EBM, acid and techno in a harmonious way. Very nice.

It is only too bad that this is a mix cd. Most songs can be listened to separately, but it is irritating that the songs continue into the next one. Maybe other people don’t mind but I do.

artist: V/A
label: 1st Decade Records