V/A – New Dark Age 3

It is amazing how many contemporary gothic rock bands Strobelight can find. This is already the third double cd they release that focuses on new gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk and related bands.
Even though this time there are some bands featured that where also on a previous volume (amongst others Ikon, New Days Delay and Bloody Dead and Sexy) there are still more then enough new bands to discover on these discs.

One of those bands is Miguel and the Living Dead. This band has a traditional theatrical gothic sound. Also nice is the darker Formfleish. Two bands that really stand out are Ultranoir and Swann Danger. Both play new wave inspired music. Ultranoir is clearly influenced by The Cure and Swann Danger sounds a bit like early Cocteau Twins (their debut by the way is brilliant). Other highlights are the Interpol like Joy Disaster and the always great Frank The Baptist.

Possibly fourty (!!) tracks are a little too much for the average gothic fan but for people who like the traditional guitar goth style this is a must have (just like the other two volumes).

artist: V/A
label: Strobelight Records
details: 2cd, 40 tracks [STROB016]