V/A – New Dark Age Vol. 2

Strobelight Records keep putting out records with gothrock, deathrock and related music in high speed. This is already the second part in the New Dark Age compilation series.

Again you get two cd’s filled with good (and a few somewhat less good)groups in the above mentioned genres. This time the musical spectrum is broadened with the minimal electronics of Graphik Magazin and Plastikstrom. Also there is the electronic deathrock/bat cave music of Jacquy Bitch and the wonderful The Vanishing.

Missing on the first but present this time is the great Dutch gothicrock band Götterdämmerung. Nice, slow and atmospheric is the gothic by Katzenjammer Kabarett and Leisur::Hive.

A new discovery is the wave/gothrock band Zadera. They are the newly signed band on Strobelight so we can expect more from them soon. Also nice is the band Cold, although they are a Cure clone, they do their thing very good and convincingly.

With a total of 34 tracks these two cd’s are quite an investment of your time to listen to, but you are instantly up-to-date when it comes to gothrock etcetera. Also there are many good tracks on these discs. Thus guaranteed satisfaction!

artist: V/A
label: Strobelight Records
details: 2cd, 34 tracks [strob 008]