V/A – New Dark Age

What is there to say about a compilation album that brings together thirty-four of the best bands and tracks of contemporary goth rock?

Strobelight Records is rapidly becoming the saviour of the traditional goth sound. Through this compilation (and their other releases) they show they know what they are doing. Almost every contemporary goth rock band that is worth listening to is on New Dark Age.

The styles on this album range from true goth rock to post punk and death rock, but also other variations like gothabilly have found their way to this record. Of course there are some bigger names on New Dark Age, like Ikon, Kiss The Blade and Chants of Maldoror. The fairly new band Black Ice is one of the highlights. They will not stay unnoticed by the listeners of this cd, even though they are among thirty-three other bands. Also nice are New Days Delay (goth with surf influenes) and Bloody Dead and Sexy (who sound a lot like Bowie).

Despite all of this there are a few names that are not present on this compilation. Dutch band Götterdämmerung would have deserved a place on it, just as the promising new band Swann Danger. Besides this New Dark Age is a gift to all fans of (traditional) gothic music. By the way, volume 2 is in preparation.

artist: V/A
label: Strobelight Records
details: 2cd, 34 tracks [STROB004]