V/A – Nostalgia Del Buio

Cochon Records is an American label specialized in weird and strange contemporary punk music. Often the sound is electronic but you will also find some guitar bands in their catalogue.

In a certain way this release has the name Vanishing all over it. Jessie EVA from Vanishing did the photography for the artwork and worked on and contributed several tracks.

Logically following from is that fans of electronic punk music will like the Cochon releases and the 43 (!!) tracks of this compilation. Some bigger names are present like Black Ice, Hanin Elias and The Phantom Limbs. But most promising are some lesser known acts like Gravy Train (minimal elektro punk), Pro Con (crazy electronic punk), Spector Protector (dark and doomy electronics) and Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes (post-punk).

This cd is a massive introduction to this label with its 43 tracks. You are able to introduce yourself now to most of the new American post-punk bands of this moment very easily.

artist: V/A
label: Cochon Records
details: 2cd, 43 tracks [COCH016]