V/A – Penumbra over Beauty

Dark folk, ritual music and related genres are mainly an European affair. But this compilation album around these types of music is released by a new Chinese label called Chaos.Pro.

Next to various European musicians there are two Asian acts (Das Dunkle Land and The Golden Bough) included on this cd. The music on Penumbra over Beauty varies from ambient to apocalyptic folk to ritual music. Many well-known acts contributed to this compilation like In Gowan Ring, Darkwood and Dies Natalis. Most of the songs are previously unreleased.

Very nice is the melancholic track ‘Gloria Mundi’ by Cawatana. In Gowan Ring has contributed one of the best tracks I know by this act. ‘Christina’s Song’ is a beautiful piece of neo troubadour music.

Ritualistic sounds are produced by Hexentanz, a The Soils Bleeds Black related project. Also impressive is the track ‘A Martyr Exposed’ by Decadence. It combines a melancholic mood with bombastic ritual percussion. Absolute highlight is the new version of ‘Winter’ by Darkwood. This act keeps suprising me with beautiful music.

Penumbra over Beauty is a good first release for this new label. I look forward to the next release.

artist: V/A
label: Chaos.Pro
details: 14 tracks [CP001]