V/A – Polymorphik: Piece 1/3

PuZZLing Rec. is building up a good reputation by releasing new records on a steady basis. This compilation album is the first part in a series of three. You will find ten tracks with experimental and often hectic breakcore beats. From time to time a nice melody pops up, like in ‘Pocket’s Brain’ by Mickael Manteca. But, most tracks are rhythmic orientated and fierce, fast and faster.

Xanopticon is probably the biggest name on this release. His track sounds somewhat like machinegun fire due to the fast beats that are like rounds of firing. I prefer the tracks I can keep up with more, like the bit jazzy ‘Paki Wiskey Mix‘ by Rony & Suzy and the noisy track by Undacova.

Overall this is a nice record, displaying the contemporary upcoming breakcore scene. This is of course also a good introduction to PuZZling Rec. if you don’t know them yet.

artist: V/A
label: PuZZling Records
details: lp, 10 tracks [PuZZling003]