V/A – Powerslaves: an elektro tribute to Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden and elektro? Why not! This cd is the second release on Vincent Koreman’s (Ra-X, Travoltas and Speedboat FC) Angelmaker Records label. Of course his own version of ‘Wasted Years is featured on this cd. That song was already released a few years ago, on the first album by Speedboat FC. Other tracks are done by Legowelt, Luke Eargoggle, Rude 66, Kitbuilders, Acid Junkies and some lesser known acts.

It has to be said that not all songs are interesting, but in any case they all are good fun. Especially when you know the original versions by the Iron Maiden. And who doesn’t?

The old Maiden song ‘Wrathchild’ is in a wonderful way translated into electronic music by the Acid Junkies. Also Luke Eargoggle knows how to handle hardrock considering his moody version of ‘Mother Russia’. Rude 66 has made a hammering adaptation of ‘Killers’. Lately Legowelt has been producing better material than this ‘Run to the Hills’. His interpretation of the song is a bit boring.

This whole cd is done with humor and the nicest track is the typical 80’s electro/synthpop version of ‘Purgatory’ by Macondo. The track is put together with a great sense of humor. Still the best track is the one by Ra-X himself, just too bad it has been released before.

Powerslaves is a very nice cd, but as said especially when you also know the original versions of the songs.

artist: V/A
label: Angelmaker Records
details: 14 tracks [AMCD 00:012]