V/A – Redroom

This compilation, which appeared in 2001, gives gives you an idea of the prolific and eclectic work of ‘the obsessive composer/producer’ Matt Howden. In his own studio, Redroom, he not only works on his own projects, but he also produces music for various other acts. Often he also participates as a guest musician. Half of the tracks on this album are by Matt’s own projects: Sieben, Howden/Wakeford (now called HaWthorn), Sol Invictus (which he left a few months ago) and Matt Howden solo. Other contributions are by quite diverse acts, which only seem to have in common that Matt Howden worked with them.

“What ties the album together is the Redroom sound, and the strings”. No matter what style, you can hear when Matt has been involved. Especially since he has done special remixes of the tracks for this compilation, to make the whole thing ‘flow’. Some acts are not far removed from the Sol Invictus folksound, like Oraison from France or Pilori from Germany. But other projects sound quite deviant, like the death metal vocals of Cadaverous Condition, the rock ‘n roll/big beat of Dummy Head Stereo, the melancholic pop from T.G. Staar or the more experimental works from Jason White and Deafnoise. Quite nice are the tracks by Cello, a group from Portugal, somewhere between atmospheric pop, triphop and wave, with French lyrics. A varied compilation which will be appreciated by everyone who likes the rich sound of Matt Howden’s music.

artist: V/A
label: Red Room
details: 18 tracks [redroom 003]