V/A – Rosa Selvaggia – Atto IV

Rosa Selvaggia is (amongst others) an Italian magazine, professionally printed (A4 size). This compilation attached to the magazine offers a nice variety of music and a mixture of obscure and well-known names. I think most of the artists involved are of Italian origin.

The first band to give acte de prĂ©sence is Gothica, who have already released two albums on the Cold Meat side-label Cruel Moon. Here they contribute the title track of their latest album “The Cliff of Suicide”. They create a beautiful atmosphere, with a melancholic gothic mood and classical and ethereal elements. A mature sound and very lovely female vocals! I am curious if their whole album is just as good.

Next is the unknown Sinking with love, with a typical Italian gothic piece. Nice depressive bass, moody guitar and church organ. The vocals could be a little more convincing. Next is a folky track ‘Danza il colibri’ by Rose Romine e Avanti. The acoustic intro of the track closely reminds me of a Monster Magnet hit! But their sound is in general more comparable to Argine, tranquil music with a nice violin. I don’t like the refrain much though, it’s a little chaotic.

Vidi Aquam, whose demo I reviewed earlier, makes good gothic wave with female vocals, here reminding of XMal Deutschland. Psycho D-Vein has a traditional gothic sound with drum machine, dark bass and typical spacious goth guitar. A nostalgic trip to the batcaves of the early 80’s. Aenima is a pleasant band from Portugal, here present with a track from the EP “Never Fragile”. Somewhere between wave and rock, making me think a little of All About Eve. Etolie Noire offers us a heavier track, somehere between gothic rock, 70’s and stonerrock.

I never heard of Lily’s Puff, but they are a nice surprise with a traditional folky song. I know Runes Order a little longer. They contribute an atmospheric piece with with like female vocals. Midway the speed is turned up to turn the song into a wave hymn. Hysterie is the noisiest act on this compilation, with a monotonous electronic beat, some strange samples and sounds and distorted vocals, making me think fo harsher Die Form material. The mad troubadour Spiritual Front does not fail to live up to his reputation, with a song from his album “Nihilist Cocktails for Calypso Inferno”. Pour me another misanthropic martini!

Northgate is the solo project of Trevor, who also lends his vocals to Camerata Mediolanense. Often Northgate sounds rather industrial and percussion-based. His track ‘Fidia’ is more of an 80’s-inspired electronic wave piece with gothic guitars. Well-done. Danielle Brusachetto can’t hold my attention very long with his moody pop/rock track, which sounds a bit desperate. Finally Enigma Eden offers an interesting piece, a slightly experimental minimal droning piece, which becomes a little boring after a while.

Not a brilliant compilation, but it has some good moments and there are a few new bands to discover, which is usually the most important value of a compilation.

artist: V/A
label: Rosa Selvaggia
details: 14 tracks [RS04]