V/A – Secret Lords: A Heidenvolk collaboration

Heidenvolk is the label for Darkwood releases, but also for collaborations with like-minded musicians. Secret Lords is the first not strictly Darkwood release on the label. This compilation cd contains ten tracks by five acts (and their side-projects). Thematically the cd is orientated on architecture. The musicians were asked to express their feelings and thoughts on buildings and put that to music. This results in both personal songs and historical accounts.

Musically Secret Lords is varied and brings together quite, poetic and at times apocalyptic folk (In Gowan Ring, Darkwood and Agnivolok), harsher industrial sounds (A Challenge of Honour/Sturmpercht) and atmospheric ambient pieces (VE Europa and Chaos as Shelter).

The nicest track on the album is a song by Darkwood. ‘Valley of dark memories’ is sung by Ian Read from Fire + Ice and is a compelling apocalyptic folk song.
Secret Lords is of the same high quality as the previous Darkwood releases. A lot of attention has been paid to the artwork (digi-pack and booklet) and the selection of songs is very good. Now we only have to wait for the next Heidenvolk collaboration.

artist: V/A
label: Heidenvolk
details: 10 tracks [HV06]