V/A – Sin #6

When one starts listening to this cd, the first thing one will hear is a slightly pulsating high beeping noise, soon a lower more constant tone is added.. fades away, comes back again.. Welcome to the world of Some Asian Female Body Builders. A world in wich this project from Spain tries to describe an Asian Female Body Builder (Satomi Terauchi in this case) with noise tracks. They take five tracks to do so and in this time the high beep does hardly disappear, annoying the ears of the listener. Even getting stronger and more annoying with every track. Some other things are happening during these five tracks, but too little to really catch me.

Thus far the first five tracks on this sixth compilation of Syndrom Produktion. On this compilation four projects are presented. All playing some kind of experimental noise.

Second project is Toni Kandelin. His first track is the first one on this album to be a real noise track. This is more like noise should be for me, the four tracks never get boring and at times dare to grab the listener and drag him away to his worst nightmare. Though the quality of this act is not yet that high that they can keep my attention for the whole length of the four tracks, this for sure is a project to keep my eyes open for, might bring a lot in the future.

Third act is the Belgian O.M.S.-N.M.A., the project of Andy Eeckhout, who performed before as Sonus. What he brings on this compilation is a kind of ambient noise. Contradictory, but very interesting. He has no problem to keep my attention focused on the music for this three tracks and in fact I skipped back a few times to hear more. He knows how to surprise his listener and keep them awake, a big virtue.

Last up is Guttural Strap-On, a project of Daniel Lundh, that also presents three tracks. These tracks are mainly filled by loops. Too little is happening for my ears, though this might be interesting for the more minimalists.

This compilation gives a nice view of acts in the more experimental noise and ambient industrial genre, acts that often are worth checking out. Not a compilation though that will atract a lot of listeners in itself as the quality of the work on it is too varied and the compilation is just that and not a clear album.

artist: V/A
label: Syndrom Produktion
details: cd-r, 2004, 15 tracks