V/A – Snow Robots Volume 3

Suction Records is a Canadian label that is specialized in melodic electro(pop). Snow Robots Volume 3 is not for sale in record stores, but can be obtained directly through the website of the label. This compilation is meant to make people familiar with the sound of Suction Records and to give an overview of the forthcoming releases for the rest this year and the first half of next year. On this cd there are tracks from the forthcoming releases but also some exclusive material.

If you like electropop you can’t afford to miss out on the soon to be released album by The Mitgang Audio. The song ‘Minor Causes’ sounds promising. Although this track is extremely poppy it still has a nice melancholic feeling to it. Solvent makes cold electropop with robot voices and judging by the song ‘For You’ the new album well be a great release. The act Tinfoil Teakettle is also interesting. This is a project by Solvent and Lowfish. The track ‘Think Like Us’ sounds a bit like old style Skinny Puppy, only less dark.

Skanfrom is becoming increasing popular and well known, even outside the underground culture. His new record Soothing Sounds For Robots is just released on the German Genetic Music label. Around may 2004 there will also be a new record on Suction. ‘Tape Script 21’ is a taste of what to expect from that album. It is a nice dance tune with a beautiful melody, which is something Skanfrom is very good at.

‘E=MC2’ by Laurent Boudic differs from the rest of the Suction repertoire. This song was recorded in 1981 and sounds more experimental than the other contributions to this compilation. Although this song is old, it still sounds original. The exclusive track ‘The Plot’ by Dutch musician Orgue Electronique is one of his most melodic efforts to date. GD Luxxe has contributed the excelllent ‘Compulsion’. The weird thing is that this song sounds totally different for the dark and distorted music on his lp The 21st Door.

Overall this is a very nice compilation that provokes curiosity about the forthcoming releases from Suction Records.

artist: V/A
label: Suction Records