V/A – Solaris Collaboration

After the magnificent double cd “Omnon” (see older review) by Polygon comes another splendid release from Polymorph records. The recipe is comparable: the release comes in a very special, luxurious package, a large format paper gatefold sleeve with insert sheet, the music is ambient of the highest standard, that follows the line of ‘Omnon”. On this compilation three bands collaborate with Polygon: Apoptose, Mist and Ambit, each has one track by its own and one together with Polygon. The album is inspired by the novel of Stanislav Lem with the same name, with which I’m not familiar, so I can’t give you more background information. The first track impressed me most, ‘Zwei Sonnen’ by Apoptose, whose album ‘Nordland” on Tesco also belongs to my favourites. The sounds and atmosphere are very exciting, giving you the feel you’re wandering through some polar landscape. The second track, Apoptose together with Polygon is also great, slow but very subtle. These two bands stand out for me, although the contributions from Mist and Ambit, both from Switzerland, are also interesting. 70 minutes of beautiful ambient!

artist: V/A
label: Polymorph
details: 7 tracks, limited to 535 copies