V/A – Songs for Landeric

To celebrate the birth of their son Landeric, the people behind the Cynfeirdd label have released a very special compilation. It was only available to people who subscribed to it, therefore only a limited amount of copies has been made. It is a splendid looking compilation, in a beautiful looking case on dvd format. The two cd’s contain no less than 34 different artists, forming the crème de la crème of the neo-folk and classical scene. Mosts artists havebeen inspired by the theme of birth and children. Therefore many of them have used baby songs, childish rhymes and other traditionals… But you don’t need to have a newborn child to appreciate this compilation. “Songs for Landeric” contains a lot of nice songs, too many to mention here. I congratulate the Cynfeirdd family with their son and this great compilation!
Except for the songs by Soil Bleeds Black and Nobody, all are previously unreleased!

artist: V/A
label: Cynfeirdd