V/A – Sweetness will overcome

Segerhuva, which has released about a dozen releases now, can perhaps be regarded as the naughtier little cousin of Cold Meat. The label is also from Sweden and specializes in dark industrial/ambient recordings. Furthermore various artists on Segerhuva have also been involved on Cold Meat releases. This compilation gives a good view on what Segerhuva stands for. All tracks were exclusively recorded for this occasion.

It’s certainly good value for money: a decent price, 74 minutes, 16 tracks, exclusive material and an informative booklet, with a separate page for each artist. The line-up is a mixed affair: some household names of the (mainly) Swedish industrial scene, some side-projects, some appararently new acts. The music is also diverse: from sheer harshsness to ominous soundscapes to experimental offerings, but always with a noisy factor. Despite the diversity, the disc has a good overall quality and stays interesting till the end, so it’s certainly a recommened purchase if you’re into harsher electronic sounds.

Some of my favourite pieces are the harsh opener by Sewer Election, the minimal but convincing dark ambient of Jarl, the dense and noisy contribution by Moljebka Pvlse, the impressive power electronics by Institut full of distortion and samples and the ritual soundscape by Martin Bladh, though I could have named a few more. The strangest track comes from Sharon’s Last Party, ‘Cocktail pussycat’, suitable for the more unusual lounge parties.

artist: V/A
label: Segerhuva
details: 16 tracks, 2005 [seger 14]