V/A – Tantric Terror – Project sampler

Tantric Terror is the label run by Canadian musician James Geist. Who is himself responsible for all the acts on the label. Nitrous Flesh is his main project. With that project he produces ritual industrial soundscapes and dark ambient. His other projects are Erotic Trauma and DMSO (DrugMurderSexOrgy).

On this label sampler are various tracks by these three acts. Erotic Trauma produces harsh electronic noise that hints at power electronics. The sound of DMSO is more difficult to define. Tracks by this project vary between minimal industrial, ritual industrial and soundscapes. The sound is somewhere between modern and old-skool (even a bit like Throbbing Gristle).

The ritual industrial by Nitrous Flesh is no music to play at night when you are on your own, judging by these devilish sounds. Mister Geist should seriously think about starting a career as producer of film music for horror movies. His music, but especially that of Nitrous Flesh, is very suitable for that.

artist: V/A
label: Tantric Terror
details: 11 tracks