V/A – Tanz der Nacht

Any album that combines work from different artists has the risk of becoming just a collection of loose songs. But the people behind this compilation have done a wonderful job on this point. Combining tracks from different kinds of music, from futurepop to darkwave to ebm into one album that sounds like these tracks were meant to be together.

The album celebrates the Tanz Der Nacht dancenights in Singen, that already exist for over seven years. I’ve never been there, but this compilation for sure makes me curious.

Opening with Namnambulu, the album makes you tap along to the music (if not outright start to dance) at once, this won’t really stop untill the last notes of Diorama’s “A few days off” have left your ears. In between you will have heard track from (a.o.) Blutzukker, Diary of dreams, MetallspĆ¼rhunde, Der Eremit, Cell Division and Access Denied. Where not all tracks are the best tracks from the artists, it all are tracks that have a wave kind of feeling over them. This is probably what makes them fit this album so perfectly.

In short, an album that shows how diverse the music on the Tanz der nacht dancenights is, without loosing a basic idea behind the acts and the songs. An album that is well worth listening to.

artist: V/A
label: T:D:M Thunderdome
details: 2004, 14 tracks