V/A – Terrorification

Although this record has been released some time ago I still want to give this release some attention. This is the ninth release of the French Invasion Planete label and is a wonderful introduction to the sounds of this label. Invasion Planete is a specialized record label that releases electronic music. But they don’t put out just any kind of electronic music. All signed artists produce some sort of neo electro/synth/wave/EBM music. Some acts are more in the field of avant-garde electroniques while others produce mechanical popsongs and nu-beat.

Terrorification features seven (of the now eight signed) artists. All the tracks on this release could be qualified as plain neo-electro, but all artists have given their music a distinct flavor of their own. Besides that all these songs are of the highest quality with good rhythms (both to listen and dance to), nice melodies and some excellent song writing. Listen for example to Karl Kubler, Le Syndicat Electronique and Porn.Darsteller. Their songs are reminiscent of the music of legendary electronic artists like Kraftwerk, Absolute Body Control, Liaisons Dangereuses, The Normal and Trisomie 21. The combination of a 80’s feeling with the up to date production work very well with these tracks. Everybody with a love for the old electro/wave acts and/or people who like Legowelt and other electro releases on the Bunker Records label should have a listen to the sounds of Invasion Planete…

artist: V/A
label: Invasion Planète