V/A – The Nein raid musik compilation 01

Nein Records is an American label that started in 2003. They promote independent RAID music. RAID stands for Rhythm Intelligent Analog Distorted music. A nice description that leaves enough room for all that is available on this disc.

The 15 tracks come from 12 different acts and reveal what we can expect from this label. Well composed harsh industrial music with movie-samples, rough beats, drum and bass, distortion and ambient influences. Acts like H.I.V.+, Complex Mathematical Equation and C/A/T/ create music that makes you wonder what else they have opened up for the public. A compilation that leaves one longing for more music from the label.

This compilation has one more big virtue: even though it is a compilation, it does not feel like one. There aren’t any too big steps between the songs, no big breaks in the album, it just feels good! There is only one problem, just a 1000 copies of this album are available, where it should be able to attract the attention of so many more people.

artist: V/A
label: Nein Records
details: 15 tracks, 2004 [raidcd004]