V/A – Todesblei Salonfähig gemacht

Some years ago Angelmaker Records released a compilation cd on which electronic artists did cover versions of Iron Maiden tracks. Now Treue um Treue comes with a LP on which electronic musicians do cover versions of more brutal and darker heavy metal tracks.

Bands like Bolt Thrower, Brujeria, Carcass and Napalm Death are given a (minimal) electronic treatment. The tracks are as diverse as the participating artists. A2 for example brings a very typical minimal electronic track while His Divine Grace is as beautifully tranquil as always. And, Unidad Sasao delivers a crazy cut and paste jazz piece as Echo West stays surprisingly close to the original while incorporating heavy guitar riffs.

Nice is that quite some of the tracks still have that brutal metal feeling despite their electronic character. Especially Wermut, Ad Absurdum and Tyrkisk Pebber succeeded in this. The track by Tyrkisk Pebber is an absolute brilliant piece anyway. It is the first minimal elektro piece I heard which features a double bass drum!

Todesblei comes in two versions. There is a normal version on black vinyl and with five inserts and there is the Thelema edition limited to 93 copies on red vinyl and with and envelope with stickers and a large poster next to the inserts.
This record will bring back memories of adolescent childhood for many people. But, it is also a very nice collector piece and good compilation album.

label: Treue um Treue
details: LP, 10 tracks [Treue um Treue 003]