V/A – Triton III

No less than 34 bands can be found on this sampler, released by the German sampler/mailorder Triton. There are no unreleased tracks on it, this compilation serves to promote the recent or upcoming releases of the artists. There is not much information about the artists in the booklet, but that could be expected of a low-budget sampler. The musical styles on this compilation are rather varied, raging from neo-folk to poppy electro on the first cd, and from dark electro to industrial on the second one. Most of the bands present on this sampler are relative newcomers, but there are a few veterans present (Legendary Pink Dots, Vomito Negro, Kirlian Camera). The main focus of Triton III lies on western European acts.

Cd 1 starts promising: with a great bombastic Carmina Burana-like track of the promising new act Predella Avant. Legendary Pink Dots offer us a moody and poppy slow song, with the instant recognizable voice of Edward Ka-Spel. Dvar brings a nice bombastic neo-classical track, which is a bit spoilt by the irritating voice shouting ‘Al hilaji’ all the time. Also very good is the contribution of the French band Opera Multi Steel, a nice classical/wave song called ‘Christ’. Novalis adds a nice neo-folk ballad, reminding me of Dies Natalis. The folky tracks by Libido Mortido and Harmony Garden can please me a bit less. Tempesta Noire convinces with ‘Book of life’, from their recommended debut album “66°33‘ North”.

Then we’re off to electronic territory. Veterans Vomito Negro offer us an atmospheric ambient-electro track, which is rather good, though a bit long. After this things get worse. Happy electro or future pop isn’t really my cup of tea. As far as I’m concerned, acts like Equatronic could participate in the Eurovision song contest! The slow songs of Kirlian Camera and Science O.C.N. are a bit better then, though KC has made much better things.

Disc 2 is dominated by electronics, but in a darker vein. DDR is a new act that brings a nice, mysterious instrumental piece. Then we are taking to the cyberelectro dancefloors. Aslan Faction doesn’t sound very renewing, but ‘Bring on the dying’ is very catchy and danceable. Other good electro tracks are by Cyborg Attack, Grendel (with a song from the new EP “End of Ages”) and another Dutch act, NG-Pro. There are also a few industrial acts present on this disc, of which I like Mlada Fronta, Tarmvred and Somatic Responses the most.

All in all a compilation that is mostly suited to discover some new acts, and a good way to be informed about what’s happening in the dark music scene.

artist: V/A
label: Triton
details: double cd, 34 tracks