V/A – United Vol. I

United vol. 1 is the first NoiTekk sampler, uniting not only the NoiTekk acts, but also some befriended acts of the label. But the album is not only about music, it is also about the statement the label wants to give to the listeners, in short: “open your mind and realize reality”.

Noise and Techno are the musical styles that border the music NoiTekk releases, on this album we hear both, but especially a lot of EBM, dark electro acts. Great names come together and they all have contributed some of their strongest work. From opener “Soilbleed” by Grendel to closing track “Deep inside of u” by minDecease, one finds only floorfillers. Special tips are “Bring me violence” by Tactical Sekt and “Scraping The Flesh” by Die Sektor.

Another point to judge a compilation of course is whether the album sounds like the songs are just put together without thought or if it really sounds like an album. And this is another point for which this album deserves a lot of compliments, it is clear that the time NoiTekk devotes to their artists has also been devoted to this album.

As said there also is another side to NoiTekk besidesthe music, namely the awareness. This especially becomes clear in the booklet that accompanies this cd. It is a booklet that shows the numbers of victims due to several kinds of violence, from war and terrorism to rape and political motivated acts of violence. A booklet that does not fail to end with the same sentence as this review: Open your mind and realize reality.

artist: V/A
label: Noitekk
details: 15 tracks, 2005 [NTK 015]