V/A – Wo die wilde Kerle wohnen

Rather strange item, this vinyl single. Four different bands are presented here, each with one track. The cover and the title make sure you can’t take this too seriously. The cover is not very informative, on the back you can only read ‘Rauhnacht 01’. On the vinyl itself you can find the bandnames, but no songtitles and you can decide for yourself which is side ‘A’ and which is ‘B’..

The song by Allerseelen is the only one I already knew, it’s the title track of their latest album “Neuschwabenland”, a nice military pop song. Next comes Allgrena, an unknown band for me. After some strange percussion the track evolves into a noisy soundscape. On the other side Der Blutharsch create a weird and unique atmosphere as always: strange electronics and obscure samples. For the last band, Novy Svet, it’s recommended to have a bottle of wine before listening, then you’ll appreciate their funny hoempa-muzak the most…

artist: V/A
label: Raunacht
details: 7', 4 tracks