V/A – World of Disorder

The fourth release on Disorder Records is a compilation EP that shows different sides of minimal elektro.
File Not Found opens the record with ‘Star’, a poppy but also rather dark track. This piece sounds very promising for their new album (Division By Zero) which this song is taken from.

The contribution of Notstandskomitee is maybe a little bit too long to keep the attention of the listener. With almost six minutes of minimal analogue sounds it is hard to keep it interesting, even though the idea behind this track is very nice.

After that Trans-Active Nightzone treats us with a track of beauty only seldom heard. ‘Eyes are burning’ is a melancholy elektro-wave song that will appeal to all people that love true wave music. Trans-Active Nightzone is a new collaboration between Echo West and Keen K. Judging this song we can expect a lot more good music from them in the future.

Bakterielle Infektion do what they do and deliver a good melancholy elektro pop track. Last track is by Stratis and it is only too bad that some people might already know this track (‘Nighfly’) from the Life ’85 compilation. But, of course it is still an excellent spacey elektro tune.

World of Disorder shows different types of elektro sounds and in doing this it is a very nice compilation. Absolute highlight is the Trans-Active Nightzone song, which is worth buying this record for on its own.

artist: V/A
label: Disorder Records
details: 12", 5 tracks, 2005 [Disorder 04]